Race and ethnicity in marketing and advertising

“…PSAs attempted to create inspirational images of a united multicul- tural American citizenry, a response to hate crimes that targeted Arab, Muslim, and Sikh Americans. Hundreds of Arabs, Muslims, and those mistaken for Arab or Muslim were attacked or harassed, and people considering themselves patriots set re to businesses and committed murder. Reports indicate that per- petrators of hate crimes said such things as ‘Go back to your country’ or ‘I am an American’ or made some kind of racial slur during the act of violence” (Alsultany, 2012, pg. 133).

This became worse after the 9/11 attack on U.S. soil in New York City. Many just wanted to blame anyone that looked like they could be from the same place that had attacked their home. Hate crimes went up, people would look away or turn around and walk the other direction. But we know that not everyone is apart of the radical group that did attack this country, we just become afraid and threatened and do not want to associate ourselves with anyone that looks to be of a certain race or ethnic group.


– Cheyenne Linich


One thought on “Race and ethnicity in marketing and advertising

  1. Pretty unfortunate that a small percentage of terrorists who invoke the teachings of Islam (or other religions) as their motive basically ruin it for those who are truly trying to escape war-torn regions all over the world.


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