Race and Ethnicity in Marketing and Advertising

“Asian women in commercials were often featured as China dolls– with small, darkened eyes; straight hair with bangs; and  narrow, slit skirt. Asian American women who hoped to become models sometimes found that they must conform to these stereotypes or lose assignments. (Racism, Sexism, and the Media pg. 167)”

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One thought on “Race and Ethnicity in Marketing and Advertising

  1. As an Asian woman myself, this part of the reading is something I can relate to. I’m not Chinese but from what I’ve seen and experienced, this is generally the same attitude all across Asia. There is a certain image that is portrayed as beauty, as mention above, and I have seen women around me strive to be that way. To this day I don’t understand why, not everyone matches with bangs nor is it possible to change the shape of your eyes if you happen to have bigger than average. The quote mentions how these women can possibly lose assignments if they don’t meet those requirements and I find that very upsetting.

    Growing up in America, I still have not seen any prominent Asian woman in the media. And when they are casted in a role, it’s very minor and usually portrayed as said in the excerpt above, like “China dolls.” The only notable Asian woman in the industry that I can actually name that don’t conform to this image roles done by Lucy Lui or Maggie Q. They play exceptional roles as strong women but even so – Maggie Q is actually of mixed heritage.

    On a side note, I think these stereotypical depictions of women and race are not just within Asian woman but almost every race, even including white woman.


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