Race and gender in “news” media


“Although in turn each non-white group had relationships with and contributed to the social-historic development of Anglo American society, none was initially included in the general reporting of news. Insofar as the gatekeepers of public information-and by, extension, their constituent audience-were concerned, people of color were not an important consideration in the conduct of social affairs. In the colonial era, this was made clear in such a sacrosanct document as the Declaration of Independence, wherein the phrase ‘all men are created equal’ was understood to exclude Indians and Blacks. The point was so obvious that there was no need to insert the word white between ‘all’ and ‘men'”, (Wilson II, Gutiérrez, Chao, 2013, pg. 129).

I chose this quote from the book and this particular picture because of how crucial it is  to this society as a whole. Our media shapes how we think and with those thoughts that is how we act, even without knowing what we are doing. The oppressed are typically not the race with the “power” and the oppressors are the ones with the “power” making all the decisions.


  • Cheyenne Linich

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