#OscarSoWhite and the current state of race and racism in the U.S.

“The symbol is the icon we see on the screen, and the stereotype is the function the computer brings to the screen when we click on the icon. In the same way, media images of people  of color, such as fat Mexican maids, fast talking Blackstreet hustlers, noble Indian chiefs, and karate chopping Asians, have been symbols that trigger stereotypes of the people portrayed and of others who look like them” (Wilson II, Gutiérrez, Chao, 2013, pg. 39).

#oscarsowhite #racialsterotypes #alllivesmatter

Every day we as a society go through the day with seeing some kind of stereotype advertisement. Whether it be blatantly obvious or so well hidden you can not really tell, but they are there. Society makes these sterotypes and the media plays into it and that is what we see. We make these assumptions every time our eyes look upon someone that does not look like us. It is almost like a natural habit of some sort, that we are almost programmed this way.


  • Cheyenne Linich

2 thoughts on “#OscarSoWhite and the current state of race and racism in the U.S.

  1. It really is crazy on how majority of society does not care to ever get to know anyone before judging anyone anymore, we are based and judged by our image and not things that matter; intellects, honesty, manners etc.


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