“Throughout the 19th and most of the 20th centuries, advertising simply assumed that everyone was heterosexual.  This unquestioned assumption applied to images and copy in ads as well as the audience to which ads were directed.” (William M. O’Barr. 2012. pg 3)

This article touched upon the increase of lesbian/gay representation in the media, but still doesn’t even talk about the rest of the gender identity and expression spectrum, such as bisexual or transgender.

The featured picture is a representation of an artist staying true to their sexual orientation within their music, no matter how taboo it may be in the entertainment industry.  On Out.com, A Great Big World originally chose to sing the love song, “Hold Each Other”, to the pronouns she/her even though one of the singers, Chad King, is gay.  Eventually he decided to stay true to himself, while afraid of how people would respond to it.

“’I think what is really interesting is that I was [at first] uncomfortable singing it as ‘Something happens when I hold him,’ ” King explains. “The fact that I was uncomfortable singing it, as someone who’s gay, it showed me and Ian that we have to spread this message because I shouldn’t be scared to say what’s in pop music. It isn’t done in pop music often, not in this way. The fact that I was scared to say that showed us that we needed to do it.’” (Chad King: Out.com)

#heteronormativity #breakingthebinary #GreatBigWorld #genderexpressioninthemedia #queerpeopleofcolor

-Taylor Kimiko Saucedo


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