Current State of Race in the U.S.


“Much will be written about Michael Brown: about his portrayal in the media, his treatment by the police, and both the circumstances and consequences of his death. Much will also be written about the protestors who immediately gathered at the site of his killing and about those who remained, under intense police harassment, long after the media spotlight faded” (Bonilla, Silva, 5).

This was one of the many tweets that were created after the “armed militia” took over an federal compound in Burns, Oregon. It just goes to show how certain events in the United States will be portrayed. You can certainly see the difference between the events in Ferguson and Burns. One is armed/domestic terrorism and the other is protesting loudly, and yet for some reason, we are fed that the armed militia is said to be safer/non-violent. #PoC #doublestandard #ferguson #domesticterrorism #fiatoa

-Alex Fiatoa


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