Buy This and Be Rich too

“The slick, upscale lifestyle portrayed by national advertisers is more dream than reality for most Blacks, Asian Pacific Americas, and Latinos. It is achieved through education, hard work, and equal opportunity for employment and housing. Rather than encourage people to save money to meet long-term goals, advertisers promote their products as the shortcut to happiness and the good life, a quick fix for low-income consumers. The message to people of color is clear: you may not be able to live in the best neighborhoods, have the best educational opportunities for employment, or work at the best job, but you can drink the same liquor, smoke the same cigarettes, and drive the same car as those who do.” – Racism, Sexism, and the Media (Wilson II, Gutiérrez, Chao, 2013, page 181)

I find it extremely hypocritical that mainstream America can and will appropriate an ethnic group’s symbols and music, but will still systematically discriminate as to who lives where, who attends what school, or even as to who can land a job. The American Dream seems more like a cruel nightmare to some, than an actual tangible future.

– Edgar Nava


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