The advertising breathroughs were socially significant at the time, since they demonstrated that Blacks could be successfully intergrated into advertisements. But some worried that Blacks in advertising might triggger a backlash among potential customers in the White majority. This spurred research to study the reaction among Blacks and Whites as the advertising breakthroughs took place.

(Wilson II,Gutierrez,and Chao pg 168)


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  1. I deduced that the actors closest to the screen and more in focus were like that to show they were the main character of the story. I would have never realized that the ethnic actors in the background were being downplayed and out of focus because they were of color.


  2. This was something I haven’t noticed until recently! Recently, I have noticed this in various movie posters as well! Such as the most recent Star Wars where the African American character was either almost hidden or not shown at all. I suppose they are trying to “appeal” to the majority, at first, but I’m glad they eventually made posters where the main character was pushed more forward.


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